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Developed by the Composites Expert team, it allows in this educational approach to accompany the learner in the technological choices. It carries out calculations and simulations in time and pressure of the chosen technologies. It accompanies you throughout the training. Easy to, use, plug the secure USB key and launch the executable. This tool is your functional memory.

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This kit contains the materials for carrying out the experiments that will enable you throughout the course to assimilate the knowledge essential for mastering the implementation processes in the transformation of composite materials and understanding of physical phenomena.

Developed specifically for RTM and INFUSION technologies in partnership with the industrial, research and academic world.

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This kit is dedicated to companies, schools or training centers wishing to discover the world of composites and do not have the required equipment. This box is not dedicated to production. It is a "mini laboratory" its contents allow the use of composite materials in the framework of training courses and process validation.

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BOX 3 completes the "Introduction to thermoplastic polymers" module.
It is composed of a mini-press and a sample library, the realization of practical exercises, allows the learner to understand the importance of the physical phenomena relating to materials.

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